Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yellow and Gold Dresses for a Fall Wedding

Love Yellow but Don't Want to Look like a Banana? It's All About the Shade and Hue

While fall brings to mind harvest colors such as gold, and yellows, it's important to remember that with dresses, the wrong shade can leave your girls looking like big bird on your special day. Working with the right tones and shades of yellow for your fall bridesmaids' look can be a challenge in and of its self. For lighter skin tones, gold's or champagnes work well while darker complexions can pull off wilder shades without losing elegance.

Helene Bridal is an amazing site for bridesmaid's dresses. This site lets you get everything custom sized and lays out excellently how the dress is made with great searchable options. They also have color charts based on the different materials available. I love the unique options in this site.
An elegant, strapless dress perfect for evening ceremonies is this dress. The dress is priced at $119 with an option to get a discount available on the site. The sites is super cool because you can either order in an established size or give measurements and have a custom dress created for you. This makes the dress suitable for any shape.
An elegant option in a lighter hue with a contrasting rust tone is this style. This dress is strapless with smooth lines. It is priced at $79 and again there is a discount option. This dress again has the option to be made in a custom size, making it suitable for any shape. I like this option for evening ceremonies.

         In a very true yellow this tank style dress has very classic lines and a contrasting color under bust. This floor length option is priced at $119 and again comes in the custom size option. This dresses length would make it seem appropriate for evening ceremonies but I think the shade works for morning as well.

     Cute and sweet for morning or afternoon weddings is this tea length, A-line dress.In a light yellow with spaghetti straps and detailing at the bust it is great for all figures. Priced at $79 and again available in custom sizes this dress is a wonderful option.

In an awesome champagne tone this halter dress is stunning. I love this dress for evening weddings and for bridesmaids that have a bit more up top this style can't be beat. Priced at $99 this dress is awesome. Add in the fact that you can have it custom sized and it really can't be beat, completed Alice Griffin.

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