Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yellow and Gold Dresses for a Fall Wedding

Love Yellow but Don't Want to Look like a Banana? It's All About the Shade and Hue

While fall brings to mind harvest colors such as gold, and yellows, it's important to remember that with dresses, the wrong shade can leave your girls looking like big bird on your special day. Working with the right tones and shades of yellow for your fall bridesmaids' look can be a challenge in and of its self. For lighter skin tones, gold's or champagnes work well while darker complexions can pull off wilder shades without losing elegance.

Helene Bridal is an amazing site for bridesmaid's dresses. This site lets you get everything custom sized and lays out excellently how the dress is made with great searchable options. They also have color charts based on the different materials available. I love the unique options in this site.
An elegant, strapless dress perfect for evening ceremonies is this dress. The dress is priced at $119 with an option to get a discount available on the site. The sites is super cool because you can either order in an established size or give measurements and have a custom dress created for you. This makes the dress suitable for any shape.
An elegant option in a lighter hue with a contrasting rust tone is this style. This dress is strapless with smooth lines. It is priced at $79 and again there is a discount option. This dress again has the option to be made in a custom size, making it suitable for any shape. I like this option for evening ceremonies.

         In a very true yellow this tank style dress has very classic lines and a contrasting color under bust. This floor length option is priced at $119 and again comes in the custom size option. This dresses length would make it seem appropriate for evening ceremonies but I think the shade works for morning as well.

     Cute and sweet for morning or afternoon weddings is this tea length, A-line dress.In a light yellow with spaghetti straps and detailing at the bust it is great for all figures. Priced at $79 and again available in custom sizes this dress is a wonderful option.

In an awesome champagne tone this halter dress is stunning. I love this dress for evening weddings and for bridesmaids that have a bit more up top this style can't be beat. Priced at $99 this dress is awesome. Add in the fact that you can have it custom sized and it really can't be beat, completed Alice Griffin.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Plus Size Bridesmaid's Dresses

Nowadays, the fashion world abounds with options for plus size women. No longer confined to shapeless frocks and frumpy prints, plus size women have a variety of options to choose from. Designers of bridal wear and bridesmaids's dresses are having the same revelation as other retailers. Not every woman is a size 6. Creating quality plus size clothing is finally a serious consideration for designers and no longer an afterthought. Bridal salons are now offering plus size bridesmaid's dresses in numerous flattering styles and colors.

Fashion-411 .com, a website dedicated to fashion, offers an entire section dedicated to plus size women. Fashion 411 offers a listing of resources for larger women, including where to buy quality wardrobe basics, where to find plus size lingerie and hosiery, and how to purchase a well-fitted evening gown. In addition, the site offers a number of resources for plus size brides and bridesmaids.

Whereas before, online bridal stores and bridal shops rarely carried above a size sixteen, retailers are now offering formal and bridal wear in sizes up to 32. For example, Plus Size Bridal is an online bridal store that specifically caters to plus size women. They offer a full range of bridal gowns, accessories and plus size bridesmaid's dresses. Their designs can be found in prominent bridal magazines and in bridal salons throughout the country. Dresses come in size 14W and up and arrive within 3-5 days from shipping. Plus Size Bridal also manufactures a series of undergarments and hosiery with extra support, specifically designed for women with larger frames.

As a bridesmaid, you really don't have much choice regarding the style and color of your dress. However, some brides will allow their bridesmaids to make certain alterations to their outfit and accessories to allow for a more flattering look to the individual woman. If you are a plus size bridesmaid, the following tips can help you to create a longer, cleaner line for your bridesmaid's dress:
-If possible, choose an open neckline such as a V-neck or cowl to elongate the neck.
-Choose longer necklaces as opposed to chokers to draw the eye downward.
-If you are wearing a shorter dress, choose a pointy shoe over a square or round toed shoe to avoid a choppy outline.
-Keep in mind that high heels tend to elongate the silhouette.
-If it's a choice between a print and a solid for your bridesmaid's outfit, choose the solid. A monochromatic dress will be more flattering than a busy print.
-Avoid fabric that bunches. A clean A line skirt is flattering to most every woman.
-If you are wearing a strapless or off the shoulder dress, be sure to purchase a bra with plenty of support.

With the revolution in plus size fashion, it shouldn't be difficult to find a plus size bridesmaid's dress. Every bride and bridesmaid, no matter what her size, has the right to look and feel attractive in clothes that are especially designed for her body type.
Fortunately, in the bridal industry, plus size collections are now the norm instead the exception.

Grazie, Andrea Pugno Di Ferro, for sharing this interesting thoughts with all of us! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prom on a Budget: Dresses, Corsages and More

Like many young prom-goers, I always had to find ways to cut back on expenses. I always managed to feel like a princess on about half of what my friends (and their rich parents). First things first: the dress. People sell their old prom dresses, many still new with the tags attached on sites like ebay and craigslist. 
This is a great way to get a gorgeous dress at a garage sale price, and often you will have a one-of-a-kind prom dress nobody else is wearing. To address the corsage situation, go anywhere that sells flower bouquets and pick one up that has what you want in your corsage.
You can also research online if you want to make the corsages fancy. For my wedding, we bought a small bouquet of carnations for under five dollars, took some plain masking tape and wrapped it around to make a bouquet. I wrapped some ribbon over the tape and it looked great! Or go to a craft store and ask for help in the floral department. Most craft stores are quite knowledgeable in making bouquets and corsages, and may even offer to do it for you. They have everything you need to make a silk corsage, and the best part is that they won't wilt halfway through the night! Now as far as makeup and nails go, I have always done my own nails and makeup for every prom.


If you're not comfortable doing your own nails or makeup, have a friend do it! Jewelry can often be found in your own jewelry box. Accessories and jewelry often rack up prom expenses more than the cost of the dress itself. If you don't have your own, check with your friends and female relatives. Many people spend a fortune for their prom, but if you plan it right, the expenses can be much lower than you might expect. Be creative and make your own corsages, buy a used dress, dig out some old costume jewelry! Make your prom your own and save some money while doing it, that says Jolene Johnson !

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You Can Reuse Your Old Bridesmaid Dresses!

Here's how you can reuse your old bridesmaid dresses:

  You know the cliché. Bridesmaids always get stuck with awful dresses they can never use again. Most modern bridesmaid dresses would never be considered "awful," however, they still lack the ability to be worn again, as is. You can reuse your bridesmaid dress with a little tweaking. Here are some ideas for putting those old bridesmaid dresses to good use.

Halloween Costumes

  Bridesmaid dresses make great Halloween costumes. You could go as a princess or add some wings and be a fairy. If you like humorous costumes you could tape a sign to yourself that says "always" and be "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" incarnate. Or if you prefer gorier Halloween attire, grab a long blond wig, splash some fake blood on your dress, and be Carrie!


  Some simple alterations can turn unusable bridesmaid dresses into great additions to your wardrobe. Many bridesmaid dresses come in two pieces now. If you have one like that, try shortening the skirt to make a cute, short satin skirt that can be worn for a night out. You can even keep the cut-off fabric to create a wrap.
  You can put a sleeveless bridesmaid dress top beneath a black suit for a splash of color. If you're dress is a one piece, talk to a seamstress about what your options are for removing the skirt from the bodice. Most bridesmaid dresses can be reworked into at least one, often two or more, useable additions to your wardrobe.

Dress-up Clothes

 If you have a daughter, why not add your old bridesmaid dresses to the dress-up clothes pile? Your daughter will love putting on the satiny bridesmaid dresses, no matter how oversized they may be for her. Playing dress-up is a classic type of play that shouldn't be missed out on so add to your daughter's collection with some old bridesmaid dresses.


  There are some bridesmaid dresses that aren't appropriate for you, a twenty or thirty something professional, to ever wear again. However, they might be appropriate for someone else to wear, such as a teenage girl attending a homecoming dance.
  Considering donating your bridesmaid dresses to a place that provides prom and other formal occasion dresses for young girls in need. You'll know your money was well spent on the bridesmaid dress if a girl is able to use it.


  If nothing else, you can use your old bridesmaid dresses for the fabric. Make some awesome decorative, satiny pillows for your daughter's room. Or create a texture ball, with some silky pieces, for your toddler. You never know what you might end up needing fabric for in the future, so cut up your old bridesmaid dresses and keep the fabric for future projects.

   Thank you, Emily Harmon, for these thoughts!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beautiful Casual Dresses for Women

Beautyful casual Dresses for women are a fabulous contemporary line of clothing created for today's hip young woman. Made from a variety of luxury fabrics and adorned with fine details the collection of Beautyful casual Dresses for women are the perfect fashion solution for today's young busy woman on the go. Worn by some of the Hollywood's for popular stars Beautyful casual Dresses for women are the perfect solution for the many holiday parties this upcoming season.

Of course you can never go wrong in black and the Leila from the collection of Beautyful casual Dresses for women is a perfect choice for any occasion. Made from 100% silk with a polyamide lining, the stylish sleeveless dress features beaded straps, a rounded neckline adorned by beads, and front sequin and bead design. The Leila also features a tiered hem and invisible side zipper. Definitely a stunning dress the beautyful casual Leila is a perfect example of the little black dress to have found.

The Swan Dress is among the most popular styles by Beautyful casual Dresses for women. The stylish sleeveless silk dress features a stylish V-neckline, invisible side zipper closure, an elegant gathered bust, a wide hem, and sequin and bead adornment the full length of the front of the dress with ruffle trim. Available in a variety of colors the Swan Dress is most popular in platinum or magenta.

The collection of beautyful casual Dresses feature beautiful adornments, drapes, ruffles and pleats and the Nora Dress is a perfect example. Made from 100% silk with a polyamide lining the elegant dress features a round neckline adorned with beads, sleeveless styling with pleat details, a flattering dropped waistline and tiered skirting with trendy unfinished edges. Definitely a contemporary and trendy style for fall the Nora Dress from Beautyful casual Dresses is available in pistachio, ivory or ocean. For more information on the stylish line of dresses from Beautyful casual visit the official web site.
 IGIGI Women's Plus Size Mariella Dress 14/16
IGIGI Women's Plus Size
             Mariella Dress 14/16

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