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Dress for Emotional Success, Your Clothing Choices Can Affect Your Mood!

       Our clothing style definately impacts the way that others see us. People that we meet for the first time make judgements and assumptions about our personality and lifestyle based on what we chose to wear that day. The "dress for success" principle is often emphasized during job training sessions.

It is important to dress meticulously when you are going to job interviews or to make presentations. Yes, our clothing style impacts the way others perceive us, but it also affects the way that we feel about ourselves. Here are a few tips on dressing for emotional success.
Dress for Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Looking Polished and Professional at Work 
Molly Gotham  
       First of all, dress in clothing that is suitable to your profession. If you work in a business office, professional attire such as dress slacks and blouses would be appropriate choices. Dressing in jeans or t-shirts gives your customer a less than optimal opinion of you and of the entire business.

This isn't fair or respectful of your employer. Dressing in professional clothing implies that you pay attention to small details, that you are successful, and that you are confident. Again, if you dress with confidence, you will begin to feel confident.

Dress For Success: Get Great Ideas On How to Dress for Success, Professional Dress and More 
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Second, dress in clothing that fits well. If you wear clothing that is too large, you tend to be pulling, tugging, or re-arranging portions of fabric most of the day. Not only is it annoying, but it also is distracting. Clothing that doesn't fit well looks sloppy and disorderly. That messy look can take the bounce right out of our step. Dressing in clothing that fits well makes us feel better and smile more!

When choosing clothing, make sure that it is appropriate for your age. When older women wear clothing that is styled and fitted for the younger crowd, it does nothing more than embarrass the wearer and most everyone that she meets. If you're older, you don't need to look dowdy and drab, but just don't head for the low rise jeans at The Gap. A more mature look will accentuate your body without making you look like you are trying to find the fountain of youth.
Colour Me Beautiful Image Matters for Men: How to dress for success! 
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Once you've chosen a wardrobe that makes you feel wonderful, go the extra mile and shop for some great accessories. Nothing says "old lady" faster than a pair of tan or navy SAS loafers. Comfort is important, but do Some extra shopping and find some shoes that are comfortable, but a little more trendy.

Find and carry a bag that is not ten years old. Accessorize your look with great necklaces and bracelets. These all can be found for affordable prices at places like Target.

Something that isn't clothing related, but still you related to the way that you feel about yourself is your hairstyle. Unkept and frizzy hair sends the message that you don't pay attention to details and that you are unkept. While this may not be true, it is still what people may think. A fun and trendy hairstyle implys that you are approachable, up to date, and fun. The style doesn't have to be anything outlandish, just neat and flattering to your face. 

Lastly, it is true that real friends and family will love you no matter how you dress. This article is not about your friends or family. It is about you and how you feel. Putting a little more style or fun into your wardrobe can be an ice breaker for those who are unfamiliar with you. Make the way that you dress a reflection of your personality. You aren't really all that boring, are you, Cookie White?

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