Friday, October 31, 2014

Best Christmas Gifts for Attorneys: Shop Smart

Wondering what would make a great Christmas gift for an Attorney? Many people often wonder what to get a professional such as an Attorney as a Christmas gift, there are many items that would be more than suitable! While the lifestyle of an Attorney is strictly business, you have the option of getting fun gifts. Below I have suggested the best gifts to get for Attorneys.


     This should automatically go without saying! A briefcase is basically the "life" of a attorney since they carry all of their personal applications and files in it. Try looking for one in relation to the season. No, this doesn't mean get a briefcase that has Santa or reindeers on it, it means since the winter is coming up, try getting a winter material such as leather. There are plenty of inexpensive briefcases at high quality places such as Baggage/Luggage stores as well as high fashion clothing stores. If you're not really worried about sticking to a budget, go all out and spend lots of money on the one of your choice, make sure to stick to the typical color scheme of either brown or black.

Business Card Holders

     All Attorneys carry around business cards so why not purchase them a business card holder? These are sure to come in handy for Attorneys who rubber band their cards together or have them scattered around all over the place. Not only will this card holder benefit them in a way of being organized, it's almost weightless. Stick to getting card holders with a "shiny" finish in either gold or silver, they are sure to love you for it!

Gift Cards

     If you run out of Christmas ideas for an Attorney, go with gift cards! Purchase gift cards from stores such as OfficeMax, Macy's, Nordstrom's or places where they serve food. Make sure these cards aren't from ordinary places such as McDonalds and Burger King if you're going the food route, make it somewhere classy!


     Every Attorney needs a laptop! Most lawyers need to have some sort of computer in order to do their work. Whether it be filing cases or inputting info, having a laptop is a must have. If you're on a budget for Christmas, go for the next best thing, purchase an organizer or palm pilot. These are sure to be important gadgets based on the lifestyle of an Attorney.


     If you're deciding to purchase a piece of clothing or pieces of clothing for an attorney, stick to business wear. This means look for ties, suits, socks, and dress shoes when it comes to men. Women will be more into professional dresses, skirts, dress pants and heels. Make sure you know the size of the person you're buying for before you go to the store. It would really spoil the Christmas surprise if you had to call and ask them while you're in the store. Doug Mitchell 

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