Saturday, October 18, 2014

Keeping Black Clothes Black

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You go into your closet and pick out an outfit consisting of a black pair of pants and a black shirt. You get dressed, and upon looking into the mirror, realize that your shirt and pants do not match because while they are both black, they are two different colors. It turns out that your shirt had faded to a more grayish color. So how do you keep this from happening and keep your black clothes black?
When purchasing black garments, there are a few things to look for that will keep your clothes from fading so much. Check to see what the item is made from because certain fabrics hold color better than others. If you are purchasing a black t shirt, make sure that it is made with lycra as opposed to just cotton. Fine cotton and silk yarn don't fade as fast either.
When washing your clothes, it is best to use soap that is specifically made for black clothes. This soap will remove any chlorine that may be in the water. There are products available that are also specifically designed to be added to dark laundry to keep the colors from fading in the wash. Chlorine in the water will cause your black clothes to fade into a gray color. Also, wash your clothes in cold water. This helps to hold the color in. When washing a black garment for the first time, wash it with a cup of vinegar. This helps to lock in the color.
When you dry your clothes, be sure to use a low heat dry cycle. This will help keep your clothes from fading and also keep them from shrinking. If you choose to hang your clothes out to dry, do not hang your black clothes in the sun. The sun will cause your clothes to fade.
An even better way to keep your black clothes from fading is to take them to the dry cleaner. The employees there specialize in clothing and will know how to keep the colors from fading as they are being cleaned.
If you do have a black piece that has faded, you only have a couple of options. You can dye the fabric back to its original black color. If that isn't something that you want to do, then it is best to retire the piece. Wearing faded black clothing just isn't the same as wearing clothes that were originally gray.

There are a few ways that you can keep your black clothes black. Hopefully some of these ideas will keep your blacks looking great. Ideeas by Lisa Pinkerton 

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